Captured in the studio window, Jewels is bedazzling.

I just completed a Jewel of a shoot with Hello Jewels from Model Mayhem.  She lives in central AZ though she’s also at home in Southern California.  Jewels was easy to shoot.  Every side was her “good side”.  She has a perfect figure and she’s experienced posing since she’s been doing it well over 10 years.  Her longest stint was in California, where she also did a bit of acting.  Now she’s primarily an Arizona resident.

Jewels looks fantastic in the colorful garden in front of my studio.

One of many studio shots.

Our shoot was a half day in length.  In that amount of time, we managed to shoot in a dozen or more locations.  The pool, the house, the sculpture garden, the wild desert, and the studio all combined to give many unique locations and looks for the shoot.  A lot of photos were in my gardens, and they are beginning to grow up enough to look good.  You’ll note the blooms of red bird of paradise, the foliage of eucalyptus and aloe, and Mexican petunia.

Jewels was a natural in the pool setting.


The poolside shoot showcased Jewels with some gigantic sweet potato vines as well as an assortment of cacti.  She was comfortable shooting in the water as well as poolside, though we did a really limited amount of shooting underwater.  Those underwater shots take a long time for few results, so I chose to mostly shoot her with my regular cameras (Canon R5’s) than my underwater camera (also Canon).

Besides all those locations, we drove to the desert and took a short walk up to a nice vista that had large boulders.  She was nimble and climbed right up on the rocks–larger ones as well as this small rock in the photo here.

Jewels is illuminated sitting in my sculpture garden.


No matter the angle, Jewels looked great.  Her figure is ideal for this work, as you’ll likely agree, and after the day was complete, I definitely felt I had a Jewel of a Shoot.

Our desert shoot was easy. An Arizona native needed no instruction on how to avoid getting poked by a cactus.