Bree in the window of historic Teatro Carmen, Tucson.

Bree started modeling as a child, and truly has lived a lifetime of posing.  She has traveled in many (well over 100) different countries.  She’s an adventurer.  Bree lives off the main path, hanging  with the locals.

She knows many poses and has done this genre for decades.

She’s determined.  If a rapid reply to a message helps book a shoot, count on her.  Since the days of a teenager glued to the screen, I had not seen this level of intensity with communication.  She’s near the beginning of a trip, and lots of shoots are in the planning stages.

And, talk about overcoming obstacles!  She is doing a challenging schedule despite the very difficult issue of long Covid.  No complaints from her.  She’s simply going to cope with the changes and keep working.

This is not so surprising when one considers that she’s done so many, many shoots.  She does commercial work, and has been a model for some name brands you certainly know.  She’s also been a girlfriend of an Olympic athlete you likely know.

The barrio vibe.

Other photographers often ask to see an unretouched shot if they are considering working with her.  I’ve attached one of those.  The rest, I’ve had my usual go at them.

The doors are plentiful and lovely in Barrio Viejo.

After a brief set in the studio, we went to Barrio Viejo in Tucson.  This historic neighborhood includes Teatro Carmen, the first Spanish language theater in the region.

Bree was scheduled with me before I modified my genre emphasis.  I never cancel shoots, so I went ahead with it, just modified the type of shooting.  Bree is so versatile, this was no problem.  After all, she’s had a lifetime of posing.