I’m off on a new direction.

Early SW Culture. Not every shot will be a person in my newest posts.

Not entirely new.  I still love taking photos, love gardening, enjoy cooking and sadly, love eating a bit too much.  So, “What’s new?”

My website has a different mix.  It was nude, nude, nude.  To paraphrase my friend Charles, “she’ll be nude, nude, nude ’til daddy takes the cam-ra awayyyyy”.  I had multiple nude galleries and behind-the-scenes videos that also featured nudity.  I was fully committed to the fine art nude genre.

Nearly had a wreck racing into the parking lot as I saw this cloud and place it right dead center over Bell Rock, a supposed Vortex in Tucson.

Now my website has made a partial 180.  A 145?   I still have a nude gallery,  although it is not located for primary billing.  I’m proud of that work, but 100,000 photos or more later, I have done what I started out to do in the fine art nude field.  My goal is to take a wide range of photos again, and hopefully capture the soul of this beautiful place and the beautiful Sonoran Desert people.  Actually, a bit broader than that, I am seeking to capture landscapes and people of the Southwest.

I have a very patient, and very capable web designer.  When I make a shift, she comes to my aid.  Anyone looking to set up a website, I enthusiastically recommend Heather Valencia, Ravenous Raven Design.  This site is fairly simple compared to my old nursery website, and she did both with equal ease.  During the years I focused on nude subject matter (popular), I had over 6000 visitors a month on my site.

A peaceful night scene in Joshua Tree..

My Instagram is a very big shift.  There, I have dropped nudity/censoring.  My new Instagram is @alan.tower.photo     Check it out.  My blogs show uncensored versions of some past shoots with models.

Who better to represent the photography culture of the SW than Charles Mann? Got this shot in AZ.

Factory Butte, Hanksville UT. Had to go many times to catch this shot.

Thank you for following me through the twists and turns.  I’m on a new direction, but will use old skills and contacts and hope to grow and add new skills and connections, as well.  There will occasionally be a blog that features a nude model, but that will be a bit less often.