Jessa turns sideways and give a soulful expression.

I just finished a shoot with a November muse, Jessa Ray Muse.  Jessa spent several days in my studio and riding shotgun as we toured around Tucson and Southern AZ.

Jessa is a lot of fun.  It is not hard to get her to talk, lol, she is a veritable fountain.  I think the world is her classroom and we’re to be her students.  Fervor.  I think that describes it.

Jessa is completely comfortable with nudity. She poses artistically and openly.

It is also no problem to get Jessa to pose nude.  She would be posing nude for photos even without having a successful modeling career.  She never tires of it.  Jessa poses in sets, with many ideas and poses in each location during a shoot.  She’s inventive and creative.  What else would you expect from someone who talks excitedly about rocking a bush and wears a jewelry pin with the anatomy of the clitoris?  That’s the November muse.

Balanced and unique.

Let’s mix it up and pose over the edge.












We shot in many locations.  I have multiple sets of photos such as desert/cactus, pool, studio, doorway, and bathtub.  Here I’m showing just the bathtub photos.  This gives an in depth look at one small location, a large copper tub.  I don’t show every pose she did, but surely you get the idea that she has many poses to offer.

An athletic pose. Jessa does yoga, right?

Stand up and reach for the skylight

If you get a chance to shoot with a November muse, I suggest doing so any month of the year.  You’ll have a blast and get creative work.  And you’ll  likely learn a few things you never dreamed would come up in a conversation.  That’s your bonus for hiring Jessa Ray Muse.  @jessaraymuse, also on Patreon and Model Mayhem (3614265).

Not a single flower floating in water in the shoot.