A colorful crop of my favorite hallway shot of Lauren.

I just completed a shoot with Lauren.  Lauren is figureartmodel on Instagram.  She travels and works as a model, and is much in demand.  I was fortunate to shoot with her recently on her trip to Tucson.

A shoot with Lauren included some hot chiles. She fit right in.

I don’t yet have my studio.The studio is under construction now as I write this.  I’ll include a foundation photo.  I’ll have more to say soon on the making of the studio in a separate blog.  Lauren and I shot without the studio, but we did have the pool and my home.  It was not the perfect opportunity, but it was no problem, either.  She was professional and made the most of our time shooting.  It is no surprise that she’s professional:  she has been modeling for 5 years.

We also shot some underwater work in the pool. I got a new housing for my big camera so underwater is possible.

Lauren started modeling thanks to a scout who contacted her after looking around on Facebook.  In a story similar to a few others that I have heard, Lauren decided to shoot fine art nudes after being told she would never be able to do that sort of work.  She says, “I am very shy with my body and I never really understood nude modeling a while back but after seeing a few art models I saw the beauty in fine art and wanted to try it out too.”  She did not seem shy in our work.

A little preview. My studio is getting the foundation. Jesus is the guy doing the finish work in this photo.

A portable backdrop let me simulate a studio, but the lights were only part of my setup.

She jumped right in when she first shot nude.  Her first nude shoot was in NYC, standing atop a building in a trench coat.  She was hesitant about people seeing her.  She says they most certainly did see her, but  “it definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone”.  If you do a shoot with Lauren, maybe you can take it to the next level as well.

A darker sensual shot from the hallway. This shows which shot yielded the 4 color one above.

Posing by one of my containers.