Olinka was a Slovakian in the desert.  She recently visited Tucson and asked me to shoot her.  She made a definite point that this was my one and only opportunity since she will soon return to Slovakia.  She will never again visit the desert.

Olinka poses gracefully with a Sonoran giant

She liked posing without limits.

I bit.  She has an extensive portfolio with many, many shoots.  And, I am a bit of a Tucson tour guide and like to show people the desert who have no experience down here.

A cluster of saguaros for another artful pose

There is nothing like a photo with a saguaro to prove you visited here, so we went to the desert to take shots.  Late in the day and low, dramatic light helped.  Even some color in the sky as the dusk progressed.

I also took a shot of her in front of my blue wall.  It is the same color as a blue wall in Frieda’s garden.  I learned that after I had already gotten my paint and created the look. I made sure she knew how much danger was on both sides of her.  This is definitely not a place to lose your balance.  It was fine, she liked the shot, too.

Olinka loves posing in a risky spot.

That big saguaro gave us drama.  I shot her with a big plant with a dramatic sky for black and white, and also with a cluster of saguaro stems.

Olinka is very comfortable nude.  She adopts revealing poses as a matter of her preference.  Perhaps you’ll prefer it, too.  Those poses were her idea, whether in the studio or the sculpture garden.

Finally, this artistic pose is in the sculpture garden.

Did Olinka enjoy the desert?  Yes.  It surprised her.   Olinka says she will be back before returning home.  Again, a Slovakian in the desert.