I’ve been taking photographs since the days of the Kodak Instamatic, and have had complete Nikon 35mm systems, Pentax medium format camera and lenses, Hasselblad equipment, and then digital equipment. The Canon equipment I use now is the best I have ever used, but it is the experience of taking and composing photographs for decades that is key.

I love composing, whether it is composing a new garden design or composing a compelling photograph. The prime consideration is finding that angle, finding the light and finding the approach to the project that fits the subject. On top of that, I want to make it fun while we’re at it.

I title this section “About Us”. I’m the experienced man pictured on this page who holds the camera when we meet, but it is not just “About Me”. The reality is that when you and I work together, it does become “Us.” The subject and photographer work in unison and we get wonderful results.

I hold a business license, a psychologist license, a pesticide license, a driver’s license, a nursery license, a contractor license, and most importantly, the license to have fun and explore possibilities and make your portrait session special. Thank goodness there is not a state agency for that!