A headshot shows the relationship she has with the lens.

Alexa was my favorite model  Alexa and I met at Shopko in a chance conversation.  The first time she entered my office, she saw my photography and said, “I want to do that”.  We took our time on that.  But circumstances changed and dire financial straits made it important for her to develop her earnings potential.

Sienna Hayes below and Alexa on top. Her athleticism and flexibility really shine.

What ensued was a marvelous friendship and working relationship.  We traveled extensively. And we took photos wherever we went.  We remain friends to this day, and always will be so.

She also was feminine and beautiful in photographs.

Alexa was my favorite model partly because of the wonderful friendship, but she was also the best model I have worked with.  She’s beautiful and has beautiful natural red hair.  Alexa is also talented at poses.  She studies the poses of well known models, and did a number of shoots with well known national models in her work with me.  The comments were always positive.  “You’re much better than I was when I started my career” etc.  Alexa is flexible and skilled at yoga.  She has great balance and athleticism.  She can pull off poses and feats that most can’t equal.

Kailey in the foreground and Alexa in the vertical pose.

I could have written dozens of posts on our shoots, but Alexa is a private person.  I waited until I came to Tucson and my photography was followed by people mostly outside of Spokane.  I just could not fail to give her credit.  Alexa was my favorite model for such good reason.  Many of her photos represent my best work.  I have a massive storehouse of photos with her taken over multiple shoots and trips. Shooting Alexa is the best:  California, Oregon Coast, British Columbia, Seattle, Portland, Tucson, Coeur d’Alene.  We shot them all. She was the best.

Perfect figure and perfect pose. I’ve gotten nice recognition for this shot.

Atop a rock stood a yucca, and Alexa made the most of it.

In my garden at peak bloom. A great figure study.

Her dance and yoga both added to her work.