The shot many models would feel was brave.

I just spent an afternoon with Violet Pixie.  I did not know if this was going to happen.  She delayed our first shoot date, but offered another.  A chance had arisen in L.A.  No worries about that.  I’m retired, and one day is about as easy as another, after all.

Violet takes that pose to another level.

I think she’s done a lot to get where she is.  She does not drive, though says she plans to get a license.  Clearly, that makes it harder for a traveling model.  Her boyfriend gave her a ride here, then went off to do other things, but joined us for dinner.  Let’s just say that between the two of them, you’ll get some interesting stories.  If you throw dinner in with your shoot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

A pose sure to be popular.

Violet chose her stage name because purple was her “second favorite” color.  At the time she began a number of years ago, she had a pixie cut.  Hence the name.  As Violet Pixie, she has a substantial following on Instagram, Only Fans, etc.  21K on Instagram.  She’s down to earth and very cooperative, and easy to work with in a shoot.  I shoot mostly nudes, and she’s totally comfortable in the genre.  If you want more erotic shots than my style, I think you’re likely going to still find her agreeable.

If you’re a photographer scheduling with Violet, my suggestion is to switch as early as possible to text messaging.  Also, ask only one question in a message.  If you ask about food, lodging plans, and shoot all at once, you may not get all the answers.  Just ask one question at a time, and you’ll get what you need more easily.  Knowing that, we’ll make better plans when we shoot again.  Easy, since she lives in nearby Phoenix.

Her casual comfort with full nudity is clear enough here.

We even did some underwater shooting with my underwater camera.

I enjoyed an afternoon with Violet Pixie.  She was cooperative and eager to pose and her curvaceous figure made art nude shots attractive.  She knows the details that she likes.  Every so often, she grabbed herself by the nipples and pinched them. She likes how they look better if they are erect. I told her she could take the afternoon off from having to worry on that account. Just expect her to want the best in the photos she does with you if you hire her for a shoot.  You won’t be disappointed.

A shot that combines several variables that Violet combines for us.

Sitting in the shower with some pothos foliage.