Bathed in sun, the flowers shone as did she.

I got a visit this week that was as good as it gets.  Why?

Another shot in the same location, this time more artistic.. A bit later with new set of clouds.

  1. My favorite model.
  2. Weather system with pretty clouds.
  3. Peak of superbloom.
  4. Catching up with my friend.

My favorite model shoots exclusively with me.  She’s following another career, but does love modeling once in a while.  Luckily, I’m the photographer she likes to shoot her. We always get great shots.

This winter Tucson was blessed with consistent rains.  The result was a marvelous superbloom in the desert.  California poppies and lupines are in bloom this week, and we had the chance to take lots of shots in the fields of flowers.  We are both gardeners.  No matter what they look like, no flowers were stepped on in taking these shots.  That’s the down side of beautiful displays like this.  They attract too many people who are not gardeners and are not careful.  If you seek the flowers out, be sure to take care.

And finally, a shot in that spot with another look with the shirtless overalls.

We not only went north of Tucson to the flowers, we also went south to Tubac and Tumacacori.  The aged plaster walls and old architecture of Tumacacori are natural for photography.  Tubac is quaint and colorful.

Tumacacori has many fine backdrops.

In less private areas, she was always fully attired.

The pictures are fun, the visit delightful…as good as it gets.

Even the simplest of walls can make a colorful shot in Tubac.

Old plaster walls just look good in photos.