A big saguaro is a sure sign of Tucson

The crop top will be in Instagram, but here it gets out of the way.

Asteria has been modeling for a number of years, and this was her first trip to Tucson.  Asteria in Tucson was an adventure.  We started by getting gas in one of the roughest gas stations I’ve ever seen, but other than some big detours, the travel was uneventful.

The detours should have been a warning.  I had turned on the AC in the studio a few hours ahead, but when I opened the door, the studio had no AC.  The studio is relatively new (2.5 years), so that was a surprise.  Gratefully, the house was not affected and a fan ended up making the studio bearable later.  She slept well.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, so we took a few fireworks shots.

Before time for bed, we did a night shoot with some sparklers in prep for the 4th of July.  We got some fun shots in theme with the holiday.

A simple, but striking pose.

Since this was her first trip to Tucson, we also did some shooting the next morning in the desert.  WE got shots with saguaros and the like before it heated up.  The the afternoons are hot, the mornings are comfortable.  We also shot a while in the studio before the day heated it up.

Later in the morning, it was time for the pool.  We took both videos and stills for use on Instagram.  The water was comfortable and it was easy to get some good shots.

Basic studio shots are easy.

Our day was rounded out by a session in the steel sculptures, the we grabbed fish tacos from a taco truck.  Her Latin heritage included being fluent in Spanish.  Nice to have at the food truck.   The time for Asteria in Tucson had concluded, and back we went to Phoenix.

A mesh top will be a popular Instagram post.