Behold Figureartmodel in a new 2024 shoot.  Most of my previous work with Figureartmodel were fine art nudes.  So, most of those could not be posted on social media.  In this shoot, we used a varied wardrobe.

On Instagram, the sheer fabric provided cover. Here it is sheer for good reason.

I got plenty of shots suitable for posting.  And, since the uncensored shots are preferred on my website posts, I got versions of those shots for you.

Figureartmodel pulls the dark purple lingerie out of the way.

Figureartmodel gives an uncovered pose for this post.

The classic black and white on the posing block was shot for Instagram with the cover in place and in full color.

Perched on the edge of the pool. The same cactus as in another recent post is in the background.

I have a shot for posting with lingerie by a potted silver torch cactus.  That same potted cactus is in the background in this shot on the edge of the pool.

Another model who follows my work commented on a recent post that she thinks Loe is the most beautiful model I have shot in Arizona.  High praise.

Finally, behold Figureartmodel from a different angle in our last shot.  She’s something to behold.

Here we behold Figureartmodel from a side/back angle.