A classic boudoir pose, executed flawlessly by Codie

It was a pleasure doing a boudoir shoot with Codie Leigh.  We actually shot over a 2 day period, and did more than just boudoir.   In this post I’ll just cover the boudoir piece.

Codie Leigh (@codiesworld22) is a model in Tacoma, WA. She came to Spokane to shoot with a number of photographers.  Like other good, professional models, she arrived on time and ready for both shoots.   What really makes Codie fun is that she’s so cooperative and has good instincts for a shot.  She has good comfort with her body.  Nudity is not a problem for her so she works poses without being self-conscious.

Interesting just how much a single ice cube can bring to a photo. Nice nails, Codie.

As you can see, she is good at posing for boudoir.   What’s required is being relaxed.  She’s comfortable and understands that boudoir is more about the foreplay vibe than about the vibe of the act itself.  It is about being beautiful.  Boudoir photography is empowering because the subject in the photos is portraying beauty and self-confidence.

Codie is quite confident.  In the boudoir shoot with Codie Leigh, I found her to be unafraid.  Frank. And lots of fun.  She will explain a tattoo or a piercing.  The tattoo she has is pretty cool.  As a younger person, she had a rather significant brain surgery.  Titanium is not visible, but it completes her skull.   She’s a brave warrior, and a feminine warrior as well.  Her tattoo on her calf memorializes her surgery.

More brave than some who will schedule a boudoir shoot, Codie bares a breast kept a bit out of focus.

A simple photo, a simple covering with the hand, a classic boudoir pose.

If you shoot with Codie, you won’t be focused on the surgery.  Or much of anything other than her.  She has some obvious assets, and you’ll see these clearly in the photo with the big white cloak.  Interestingly, Codie gave her Mom credit for her breast size (D cup) at least twice in idle conversation.  And, yes, conversations in a boudoir shoot are a tad bit different from conversations at Starbucks.  At least at my Starbucks, with me.

That made me interested.  I did a little dot com research (my 96 year old mother calls the Internet the “dot com”).  Turns out that the size of the breast is genetic, of course, but about equally from Dad or from Mom.  Can also be a “happy accident”.  In Codie’s case, I’ll just assume she gives Mom credit thanks to her not being an A cup.  Anyway, you get the point.  Codie will create interest in a photo and has one of (two of) the classic features of a nude

Really more glamour than boudoir, this photo of Codie is a special one.


Codie is a very personable individual.  I found her wonderfully interactive and alive.  Shooting with her is a real pleasure.  I’ll likely give her the opportunity to do that with me in a more remote location as well.  So, in addition to a boudoir shoot with Codie Leigh, you may someday see a Nudes in Nature shoot on the Oregon Coast or another remote location.  Right now, we are having a late spring and this winter is “on ice”.  You will see in no uncertain terms how this gave inspiration to me for this shoot.  Codie also was “on ice”.

Codie in a fun loving pose with her lingerie.