Charlotte was quite at home on the CA coast.

I put Charlotte on the web.  On my Instagram page.  And, Wow!  I got over a million views on one post!   Definitely a record for me. She’s in an elite group of models who have had that level of popularity.

I got to Santa Cruz a day ahead, and scouted the beach locations.  I chose one that I could get to without having to climb up or down a cliff.  It was perfect.  We shot all morning without another person on the beach.

A super pose in front of colorful vegetation.

Charlotte makes the most of a simple hat and shirt.

Charlotte is experienced.  She has about 10 years of modeling under her belt.  She’s comfortable posing, and her poses have a relaxed feel.  The little video clips had a genuine playfulness that added to their popularity.

The weather was cool, but not really cold that October morning.  The wind was calm, and that helped.  Most of the shoot was nude.  Between sets, she’s put on a coverup to warm up a bit, but never complained about the temperature.

I brought my Stetson and a white dress shirt, and she made the most of them in that set of poses.

Charlotte was a pro all around.  Arrived on time, left just as quickly, and worked steadily through the shoot.  She had an hour drive to the beach, but California traffic was not going to make her late.

War painted with sand!

My Instagram was a bit on fire at the time of the shoot.  I just had a post get over 2500 likes.  This shoot rode that wave and pressed it forward.  I got thousands of new followers and our photos, as well as photos from previous shoots, got a thousand likes or more. I’m so glad that I put Charlotte on the Web.  What a ride it was this October!

Cliffs at the beach made for great backdrops.