Suxianna and Colt share an intest connection, and equally intensely connect with the camera.

It pays to network to connect with models.  I attended a little fund raiser for the Runway Renegades and met Suzianna Crofoot and Colt Ward at the event.  As a result, I got the opportunity to shoot with them as a couple.  The first formal shots of them together.  Suzianna has been an active model in Spokane, then  moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in modeling.  She’s back in town this summer to reunite with Colt.  The fire is hot, and there is little doubt about that in the photos .  

A kiss that is about to connect has even more energy. As Rocky Horror notes, antici….pation. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower

Also, there is no doubt that they are each talented models in their own right.  Colt may be new to this, but as Suzianna noted, the camera likes him.  He’s a hairdresser with a background in the US Marines.  Machine gunner no less.   And very well inked.   I’ve included one portrait of him shown beside the tattoo on his inner bicep that he described as a self portrait  With an alter ego that exotic, no wonder he has an affinity for the art of style.

Suzianna has many aficionados in Spokane, and is often featured on  various fashion and model websites (often as a Facebook cover shot).  She interacts effortlessly with the camera.  Although she takes direction well, she needs little.  As a photographer in the studio, it is easy to connect with models like these.  They bring energy and focus.  Suzi is fantastic with makeup.  I often must do some touch-up in Photoshop to make makeup look good.  Hers does not require work.

Colt with his self portrait tattoo. Find this one on his inner bicep if you meet him at a beach or in a studio. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower

You can connect with models through fashion events, Model Mayhem, and various Facebook pages for models and photographers.   This helps find talent easily.  If the budget allows, there are also talent agencies with various pools of talent.  Sometimes just ask someone if you can take their picture, but to get the best, typically it helps to connect with models with professional experience.  They “bring it”.  It is all expression, and a pro knows how they look on camera with any given expression or angle.  Of course, the models also appreciate it when you support their causes and shows, so it is doubly helpful in forming a connection.

One of many photos of Suzianna that show her skill with makeup. Here against the stucco wall of my studio. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower

Both parties participate in any connection of course, so it is important to treat people’s time with respect, treat them with respect, and come prepared.  Communication is ideally very prompt so if you’re asked to model or take photos, reply right away even if not free to come right away.  Nothing happens when contacts aren’t made, so first and foremost, be timely with communication.  Then bring on the talent, bring on the skills, and make the connection work for everyone involved.

Suzianna’s skill with fashion showcased with a brightly graphic green and black background. Spokane Photographer Alan Tower