Copyright Information

Should you wish to inquire about prints or permission to use any of the photographs on our websites, please email and include the name of the picture and the approximate size that you prefer to receive. All images on and are covered by copyright and require our permission to print or otherwise reproduce. They are not to be used by other photographers or commercial websites without explicit permission.

So long as our watermark remains legible, you are welcome to post our photos to Pinterest boards or other social media. The files on the web will work fine for that purpose, though you will need us to use our high resolution files should you want to obtain a print.

Our landscape shots look fabulous when printed directly on metal. They do not require a frame and they are shipped to your door. I provide those at cost plus 25% with our name visible or cost plus 35% without this on the print. This makes lovely pieces affordable for your home or business. We will position in a relatively inconspicuous and appropriate location on the print if you prefer the discounted rate.