bride and groom in traditional attire. White fence, white arbor.

Dan and Anastasia looking great beneath their arbor.

I had the opportunity to shoot the wedding celebration for Dan and Anastasia.  The wedding was high tech…two laptops, as well as several cameras and laptops were designated to live streaming so friends around the world could watch.   

A lovely dress was one of the traditional components of this wedding.

Speaking of around the world,  a few of the countries represented included Saudi Arabia, China, Nigeria, New Zealand, Vietnam, and, of course, USA.   But I’ve likely left some out.  This is truly a multinational family.  I told them the next party I want everyone to bring their flag.  Some people would have to bring several.

There were so many fun guests at this event.

Though the forecast was at one point 100 degrees and sun, the clouds came and it was quite comfortable in the later afternoon. The dining and celebrating continued without any interference.  I was told that prayers were offered for such weather, and those prayers were granted.

The ceremony was anything but traditional.  It had many unique and personal ceremonial aspects.  But there were the standard things like a well stocked bar, a perfectly catered meal, musical entertainment, a beautiful cake and, of course,  “you may kiss the bride.”

I used a camera on a long pole mount to capture the group shot with the toast.  

Captured using a 16mm lens with the camera mounted on a 12′ pole. Cheers

It’s an honor to participate in such a special day in the lives of my clients. Nothing is more special than a wedding.  I start as a perfect stranger, then find friends all around the gathering before the light fades and it is time for me to leave.

The groomsmen were strong and man handled the groom.