This close-up shows the skull with K. in the desert scene.

I shot a number of fine art nudes in Tucson.  These photographs were the primary ones that I planned for the trip.  Shooting nudes with K. yields the shots most worthy of framing or gallery presentation.  One shot in particular required a great deal of preparation.

One of the sexiest shots from this extensive shoot. The waterline placement makes her figure all that much more impressive.

On a trip to Seattle, I searched through hundreds of potential outfits at a professional costuming store.  It was there I found the Goddess costume that became the crux of the trip.

The Goddess outfit still qualifies as nude, because it is worn behind the body, giving it golden wings with jeweled attachments.  It evokes memories of Cleopatra, so I also constructed a prop for the outfit.  I ordered the African skull (it’s a replica, no animal killed) and the hickory walking stick and assembled them.  A piece of turquoise is mounted on the center of the skull  which matches the jewels in the costume.

One of a number of shots we captured of the Goddess outfit. Regal indeed.

Actually, I stopped at a trading post in Gallup, NM famous for its turquoise.  I bought K. a nice set of turquoise earrings, and temporarily used one of them for the skull.  Therefore, upon completion of the project, I gave her the piece and attached a lesser stone for the skull in my studio.

There’s some sheer fabric here, but K. is fully visible. Makes a more artistic presentation and she has it beautifully draped to accent rather than hide her body.

Other nudes were simply taken in appropriate locations.  With saguaros.  In the pool.  In among big rocks.

I framed a black and white version of this print in my home. K. is elegant posed in the rock crevice. We got numerous fine art shots in one outing. She is a gifted model and I am a lucky photographer willing to do my piece of the work.

This shot of K. is printed and framed in my home. I love the complexity of this black and white image. It really brings you into the scene.