Beautifully elongated pose in this shot where we opened up the wall.

On a recent trip, I had the opportunity to do a fine art shoot with Chelsea Marie.   Chelsea is a Midwesterner now living in Boulder, Colorado.  Chelsea is originally from Indiana, but loving the mountains.  She has her degree in marketing from Ball State, where she met her fiance, Tyler.  She is remarkably fit and lean.

Chelsea Marie started modeling 2 and a half years ago doing fitness and bikini modeling.  Her core strength and balance were evident in many of the poses during our shoot.  She works now as a personal trainer as well as a model, and is also active in yoga.  Not long after she began, she decided she could also do fine art modeling and nudes.  With her figure, there is no reason for being self conscious.  If you are new to photography, I highly recommend working with Chelsea.  Her flawless skin and her sculpted figure require no complicated adjustments in Photoshop.

Chelsea shows her lean form in this multiple image

She presses into the cables and gives the shot an edge.

In my fine art shoot with Chelsea Marie, we used an airbnb located rather remotely in the mountains.  I selected it because it offered many different settings for photos, both indoors and outside.  The remote location provided ample privacy.  No one was around except the two of us during most of the shoot.  There were decks, a hot tub, a climbing wall, a cool staircase, and a wall of glass that could be opened like a garage door.  That provided great places for our shoot.  I also brought a backdrop with me, which was useful as well.  You can see the photo with that used in the photo with a mostly black background.

If you note the details, you’ll see that Chelsea is never just flat footed in her poses.  She elevates and elongates virtually every pose.  And she’s game to try to make photographer’s ideas come to fruition.   I had her press her body into the cables on the stairway to give the shot a bit more of an edge.  Ithink it is the little factor that makes a difference in that shot.

If you’re looking for a great photography experience in Boulder, or in one of the cities to which Chelsea Marie travels with regularity, you’ll have a great fine art shoot with Chelsea Marie.

A cute shot in a body suit from Victoria’s Secret.

I love this pose that accentuates curves. Done with the black background I brought.

Here she’s using her chalk and climbing gear on the wall in the home.

The hot tub provided yet another setting for shots.