The shadows make good use of the bright AZ sun and high contrast day.

Our shoot yesterday covered it all, from A to Ziva.  Ziva Fey came to the studio in Tucson, and we had fun shooting in a variety of setups.  First up, were the shots with all the lamps.  Ziva provided a great range of poses, including an upside down version of the posted photo that will be a big hit when I post it.  I’m sure of that.

Ziva started modeling by working the art studios of various colleges/universities.  She learned the art by posing as art.  She still has that skill.

Another powerful pose.

Her strength is quite obvious.

It’s a great thing when a model is 100% comfortable with her body and can focus on the composition and the photographer’s wishes.  She responds almost instinctively to instructions and requests.  She’s a great pro.

She impressed me by noticing a number of the unusual plants here. A gardener in the making.

A planned set with improvisational poses by Ziva

Although petite, she is strong and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Talk about high kicking!!  Check out the extension on this kick!  It is not surprising that if there’s a brief break in the shoot that she will be stretching.

Ziva’s home base is Phoenix (Tempe), so if you get the chance, I’d suggest you, too, shoot from A to Ziva.

Sumac tree was in bloom in January and softened the shot.