Did I mention her new look with short, pink tinted hair?

I just finished up a second shoot with Jewels, and this shoot definitely featured “Golden Jewels”.  We did a traditional studio shoot, and followed it with a trip to the desert, then wrapped up with a body painting set.  She became Golden Jewels.

The Madonna tribute shot. Now in the desert. No one would pass by either one of them.

Jewels arrives in style.  She’s prompt.  Her boyfriend, Steve, is her chauffeur.  The chariot is a new Tesla.  At the end of the shoot, he appears and she’s back on the road to Phoenix.  We had no time to socialize after the shoot since she had to pack for a longer, air travel trip for a shoot the next morning.  She’s in demand, and has become choosy about which shoots she will do.  Most of her model income derives from an Only Fans page.

Besides taking 2300 still images, I also shot about 50 short video clips.  Many were of her applying the body paint.  I’m not great a video editing, but she’s told me she will send me a movie that samples from all our  recordings.

The Pepper Pose composite is named for the pose originator. Pepper is upper left. Jewels is the colorful centerpiece.

Working with Jewels could not be easier.  She’s fun, tasteful, artistic, and open to lots of poses.  She actually helped me finish the composite I have been shooting since 2018.  I call it the Pepper Pose, since Pepper Kester originated the pose that I had nine models mimic.  Jewels is the crown Jewel of the image, since only she is in color, gold, in the body paint and in the center position.  That gives the photo the element of pop to make it special.

An obvious Madonna tribute.

We had fun in the desert.  As a Madonna tribute, I had her pose as a nude hitchhiker (Madonna had a famous poster).  A second photo was a more obvious Madonna tribute.  We did the hitchhiker shot on a deserted road in the Sonoran desert.

Simple figure study of Jewels in gold.

Finally, if you shoot with Jewels, don’t hesitate to get creative.  For me she was Golden Jewels.




Here she’s a colorful addition to my garden.