Instagram Exposed #10 continues the series that shows alternate or uncensored shots from my shoots.  My recent Instagram posts give me a number of choices for an in depth review.  I think you’ll enjoy these.

Since my last post, I visited Death Valley.  The hurricane last winter still left it flooded.  It was a really beautiful landscape.  Here I show 2 models posing at sunset.

The shower curtain is gone in this shot.

Sunset at Death Valley.

A good post lately was my shot of a great model (since retired) reading.  It was a classic boudoir scene.  I think this photo is better yet.  Check out the bottom photo.

One of your favorites was of Helen behind a shower curtain.  Let’s get her out from behind the curtain in a similar shot.

I posted another retired model in a barroom scene.  She is fetching from all sides.  Here, let’s see a more revealing look. I will include the original post version and another version  You pick.

Whitney was posted in her polka dot outfit with chollas (cacti) in the desert.  Here, Whitney is still wearing the polka dots, but nothing else.  Whitney has so many great poses, I just had to include a back view of her as well.   So, that’s a wrap for Instagram Exposed #10.

Whitney is artistic and beautiful on either side.

The polka dots are pretty, and here, they have not help from other items.


With 2 versions of the model, it’s up to you to pick the favorite.

Hands are not covering her in this shot.