A favorite of mine.  A shot quite opposite of the original post.

Instagram Exposed #11 continues the series showing alternate photos from shoots I have posted.  These are better examples of the shoots, since most work is shot with little or no clothing.  The main reason is artistic expression.  Artistry and human form have been partners a long time.  If the sculpture of David was wearing blue jeans, it would not be so well known.  This is not to suggest my shots are equivalent to a masterpiece, but I think you get the idea.


First off, let’s see a shot of Brianna in the desert.  On Instagram she’s covered in fabric.  Here, she’s in a more natural state.

Instead of sitting modestly at poolside in plants, she’s posing in the wild desert.

This simple pose in the desert unwraps her figure.

The next shot was originally poolside.  She sat in sweet potato vines.  In the same shoot, we traveled to the nearby desert.  She posed comfortably on a rock.

Our popular redhead model had a post with her facing away from the camera.  Here let’s get a shot with her turned around.  In fact, let’s really flip things around.  Instead of ferns/forest, let’s have yucca/desert.  And let’s replace color with black and white.  And hair down let’s go hair up.  She’s quite versatile

Let’s check out Jewels by the beach in this shot!  That will wrap up Instagram Exposed #11.