Let’s wrap up 2023 with Instagram Exposed #12.  This series showcases uncensored shots from my model shoots as seen on my Instagram feed (@alan.tower.photo).  The models are fun, hardworking and professional.  Few people recognize the challenges of the work.  There are many emails and messages for every single shoot.  Few jobs require 5 to 10 messages for every 2 hours worked!  Add to that all the travel and trying to maintain a figure while on the road…this job would be hard enough even if you didn’t have to pose.

But models do love to pose.  The best models are real friend of the camera. They know to look at the lens as if it were a friend or a fan, or to think about something to convey the mood for that particular shot.  The camera reads minds.  They know to manage their thoughts and to be present and thinking during the shoot.  A photo of an absent body, devoid of intent, will never compete with a photograph of a whole person.

Sara is looking to the sky as she prepares for 2024.

Let’s start this post with a shot of Sara.  I used her for a Merry Christmas wish shot on IG.  We’ll wrap the holiday season with one more tree shot.

Sleepy Cat was a hit from behind a sheer drape.  Let’s go back to the studio window, but bring her from behind the fabric.

Cats, including Sleepy Cat, love hanging out in windows.

My shot of the retired model in the glass corset featured a cheeky view of her backside.  Here, lets see a shot that shows all her posing assets.

No corset in this shot.









Jewels was featured in a Lady Godiva pose with extended hair covering her breasts.  An uncovered shot will no doubt be more popular.

A friendly wave from Jewels.

Chanel was in one of the first holiday themed posts this year.  Let’s include her in the wrap up as well, but this time unwrapped.

Chanel shows attitude in this pose.

My final post of 2024 was a surrealistic shot of Kay.  That was a composite shot, so let’s see what the photo of her looked like before I inserted it in a way that made it Instagram safe.  And with that, goodbye 2023 and Instagram Exposed #12 is a wrap!

The building block for my final post of 2023.