Instagram Exposed #13.  Some might skip the “unlucky” number.  I think this is a lucky day for you though.  I’ve posted quite a bit since my last post in this series.  That gives me a lot to choose from for you.

One fun post–Helen soaking.  So, let’s get her out of the water here.  She looks great in the loft bedroom of the airbnb.

Helen rocks the loft bedroom.

Jewels looked out over the Grand Canyon in my Instagram feed. So, turn around, Jewels.  Here is another view of the Grand Canyon.  You hardly notice the background in this shot.

Peach is considerably more visible here than in the Instagram post.

Jewels turns around here and outshines the canyon.

Our Peach of a model was in the pool.  Here’s the unedited version of that shot. Quite a bit more revealing than the Instagram edit.

Loe’s Instagram post was in the sands of the desert, wrapped in sheer fabric. Let’s unwrap her standing in the desert sands.

Plush made a great shot in the feed with saguaros in the background. I’ll keep her in the desert here, but let’s turn around in full color.

Instagram Exposed #13 has covered a number of superb models.  Let’s wrap up this edition with a final shot of Kailey. She had on a deeply cut body suit in my original post.  Let’s just go for a birthday suit this time.

Sometimes simple is best