Instagram Exposed #14 continues the series that takes a deeper look into my recent Instagram posts.  I get quite a number of visitors here, however few see the original posts.

Same shot as the thumbnail, but cropped and this time uncensored.

Let’s start with a fine art black and white.  The shot was quite edited for Instagram.  The real deal is here.  Just a straightforward studio shot.  I think this will be viewed a lot more than the original (the thumbnail for this post).

Carefree and sun worshipping.

I had to add a censor bar to the Instagram post, but in this shot we find her au natural in the autumn field.

Julietinthewild wore sheer fabric in a recent post, but I had to make it less see through.  Here’s a more accurate rendition of a see through top with her.

This time the see through fabric is as it was.

One of my first models still stands out for her beauty.  A simple black and white portrait is plenty.

Finally, as we wrap up Instagram #14 Exposed, let’s add a shot of our frequent favorite redhead model.  Not wrapped in fabric like her recent post.  This is the time of year the canola will bloom in all its glory.

Instagram uncensored visits the blooming field. The canola is bright and contrasts well with the red locks.


This portrait shows the way her eyes can capture the shot. She brings life in this uncensored shot.