Let’s dive into Instagram exposed #15.  I’m here in my muggy office waiting on a new condenser/compressor for my AC to be rush shipped from out of state.  A new compressor/condenser is 5K, but I’ll be cool again tomorrow.

Since I am hot, let’s also find hot photos for this edition.  My recent posts on Instagram have featured many good models, so I have plenty of choices for #15.

Fishnets and heels. A powerful pose here.

My Instagram shot was a simple black and white in the studio with the model in lingerie.  Here, she’s shown in a manner more in keeping with her style of posing.  Daring.

The Instagram shot showed the back of my redhead model.  Here, let’s check the front in a boudoir shot.

Architects have the coolest houses.

Helen was seated in the corner of an architecturally very interesting home.  Let’s see her in the corner without a cover in place.

The model shot in the shower on Instagram is here in a rather maximum reveal shot in the studio.

And finally, let’s end Instagram exposed #15 with a shot on the chaise lounge.  She was getting out of the pool on Instagram.  Enjoy and stay cool.

Violet is here on the chaise, relaxed and colorful.



Not a lot of mystery, but this shows that she’s very direct when posing.



Simple boudoir, but showing off that brilliant red hair.lace.