Here’s the full image of Violet. Better, yew?

Instagram Exposed #2 is another of my blogs that features models from Instagram posts, but this time, undressed.  As Easter approaches, Violet Pixie is serving as our Easter Bunny.  The thigh high stockings were all she wore in the shoot, and here you get to see the whole shot.

The picture of Lily showed a short crop top.  Perhaps you think it’s better still with no top?  Since I’m getting a good bit of traffic on my website, I think my theory has some pretty decent support.

Lily’s crop top is no longer an item in this shot. No big loss!

Steph was arched backwards over a very large piece of pottery in my Instagram post.  Here, the sheer fabric is moved behind her so she’s in view for you.

Steph’s sheer fabric is behind here now.

L. (anonymous) was wrapped up in a cowhide on Instagram  She’s fully unwrapped here.  Looking great down by the creek at my old nursery.  The lush grass is a giveaway.  That’s no desert.

L. is unwrapped from the cowhide and lingerie.

Finally, let’s wrap up Instagram Exposed #2 with a shot from another anonymous model.  I chose her for this blog because tonight her home state is rather certain to take home the men’s NCAA Basketball championship.  She was a skateboarder, not a ball player, but still represents with style.  Her back bend on a larger board, her paddle board, is truly athletic.  Must be something in the water there.

Like others in her state, she’s quite the athlete.