By now you’re catching on.  This is the next installment of my series.  Instagram Exposed #3 is another deeper look at the models in my recent Instagram posts.  And, it shows them in a freer form.

You voted with your likes.  Plush was the recipient of much attention.  In this post, she’s over a barrel.  Terrible pun, but she takes a very nice photo.

Plush is over a barrel. Literally.

Daisy was posed in a steel sculpture, coiled in a fetal position.  In this field of tall grass she shows the same grace and artistic form in her pose.

Daisy is an experienced figure model, and strikes a classic pose.

Jamie shows her courage by travel and posing in a very remote location.  The AZ wonderland in my Instagram post would probably not work well today…more people have discovered it.  But at the time, we had a fine opportunity and took the challenge.  Here, she’s posed at the window, in soft light.





Jamie in a peaceful mood, gazing out at the spring.

The consistent beauty of my anonymous redhead model showed in a strong pose  showing her back on IG.  Here, I’ll turn her around and have her looking out a shuttered window.  Lovely either way.

Look at the day before you.

Finally, a popular model was the one wrapped in a clear shower curtain.  Here Meg is still in the shower, but unwrapped.  That’s the wrap on Instagram Exposed #3.

Meg is out from behind the curtain in this shower shot.