Two models are driving my way right now from Phoenix.  Let’s get Instagram Exposed #4 done so we’re caught up when they arrive.

I’ve posted many fine models lately.  I have many, many choices, so whose photos I post is somewhat random no matter what.  In each of these photos, I give you a deeper look into the shoot that I posted on Instagram.  A less dressed look, too.

One shot that had a moment of tension is the cover for this edition.  Everyone wanted to see that shot, but a second later.  Well, here it is.

Chelsea looking great in front of a graffiti wall.

Chelsea posed in a boudoir shot with the desert shown in a framed photo on the bedroom wall.  Here, she’s showing more of her figure.  She’s very athletic, a rock climber.

Jewels at the door was one of the most popular posts.  Her curves are legendary here and 100% her own curves.

Jewels would cause a scene opening the door in this attire.

No loner curled on the floor, our favorite redhead is standing in the ruins in this shot.

Finally, I’ll include a shot in the ruins in Instagram Exposed #4.  I got some nice comments from fellow photographers on that post, so I’ll include one where the model is standing.  In her “day job”, she just helped host a wedding for big names in the Seattle Seahawks.  Never hurts to be beautiful.