Instagram Exposed #5 continues my series showing uncensored photos of my recent posts.  They are newly revealed shots from some of my popular shoots in the past.  I think you’ll like these, too.

The shot of “Sleepy Cat” got over 100 likes with a semi see-through top.  So let’s change that up to a full body studio nude.  Even better.

No shirt and bottomless, too.

Natalie was also quite popular.  A shot of her in an AI “closet” got nearly 200 likes.  That slightly see through top is still in this photo, but rearranged so there’s no longer a need to see through the top.

She looks untamed with her hair in disarray.

One of my early models remains popular.  I posted her in a body suit/lingerie outfit.  In this photo she is wearing just her many tattoos.

Full figure version with her ink in full display.

Peachy Venom was on an AI dance floor.  Actually, she was also wearing an AI swimsuit.  Let’s see that same photo nude, as it began before my processing.  I’ll give it a different AI dance floor just for fun.

The same shot I posted, but with a different AI background. Also, no AI generated swimsuit as was in the original.

Violet is always popular with my followers.  Here she’s pulling down that top she was wearing in my Instagram post at the top of the page.

Let’s wrap up Instagram Exposed #5 with of shot of my 4th of July model, Veronika.  We shot in a wild, abandoned industrial site, which made for interesting images.

A complex industrial site gave us many options.

Good in the tight top. Better without it, right?