Her recent post was a cleavage shot. Here, a bit more for you.

I posted Chelsea in the shower, but now you see the big picture.

My feed features shots from many photo shoots.  Instagram Exposed #6 continues the series that gives a deeper dive into the shoot.  Here you get to see shots that I could not post on other social media.

Two shots were recently posted of several models.  I’ll definitely include them in this.  First, Loe was shown in my pool and my hallway.  I think I’ll go to the pool for a good shot of her.

Here she drops the fabric in the pool and she’s uncovered.

I did the rather surreal boudoir shot that got some attention, but in this space let’s see a boudoir shot of the same model that’s sure to grab attention.  She looks really great as well as fearless in the shot here which is not cropped.

Finally, there’s one more post that will likely be out there before you see this, unless you’re really quick.  She’s in a cowgirl outfit with an open coat.  Here, she’s really more open, and looking great. What we have here is a great collection that makes up Instagram Exposed #6.

Even more fantastic without her jacket on.

The recent boudoir model also was great as a fine art model.


A simpler background for the same shot you saw in my feed. Not cropped this time.