It’s time for another edition in the series.    Instagram Exposed #7 includes some very popular  models from my posts.


The shot I posted was a crop off this full shot.

Ayeonna was a popular post  when she  posed  in the circle sculpture.  I daresay the version that has not been cropped will be more popular still.

Sienna Hayes’ pose with the window shadows is one that spared imagination.  That session gets a deeper cut here..

I posted the shadow on her back.. Here she turns around.

You also loved Raven’s sheer lingerie, so in Instagram Exposed #7 let’s include another one from that session.  This time outdoors in the sculpture garden.

Raven balanced on the ball in the sculpture garden.

You  liked the shot in the desert,  but in this shot, she does not have her hand in the way.

Plush has her hands held high in this shot..

Finally, Charlotte watched a storm off the California coast..  In the final shot for Instagram #7,  you see her without the obstacles

Another shot of Charlotte as she watches the weather on the California coast.