Instagram Exposed #8 continues the series that shows more photos from my Instagram sessions.

My IG shot of Sara had an obvious AI component.  Just to give a touch of the surreal, I added a porthole to my wall.  Like most of the shots I post, I had to take a fine art nude pose and cover it up sufficiently in post processing.  Here we see Sara as she actually posed  for another triangle shot.

Sara shows her posing skill giving an artistic profile.

I posted a boudoir shot featuring red lingerie.  Here let’s show Whitney popping out of a large ceramic pot.

For a while that afternoon, Whitney was my favorite flower.

Natalie was having a glass of wine in the garden.  She posed by the Mexican Fence Post cactus. She looked great in the garden, so here I show her with an agave and other background plants.

Natalie in the garden..

That shot on the orange chaise lounge (orange swimsuit) had an exposed breast before editing.  I’ll revert to the original from that moment here.


The final shot in Instagram Exposed #8 features Jewels in the sculpture garden.  For the post, I had to cover her nudity with another image.  I resort to composites fairly often to make a nude acceptable on line.

Same shot as posted, just not modified with the superimposed image.


ThHer poise and beauty are better captured in this version.