Instagram Exposed #9 is the next in the series that features additional, uncensored shots from shoots that have been in my Instagram feed.  Let’s start with Sienna. To post that photo, I had to have an obvious censor with the red box.  Another shot from that shoot will show the work as it was intended.

A striped shot without a censoring bar.

Daisy was edited strategically for IG.  Her breast was showing in the original photo of Eye Contact.  Let’s see the correct, original version here.

I think this is a better selection.

Our two retired models in the field playing an actual pipe organ (no AI in that image despite how unusual) had to have some extra grass cover their backsides.  Here’s another shot from the pump organ set.

Here they are, playing a pump organ in my field.

I posted a shot the revealed nothing of a model in the aerial silks.  I used AI for a rather absurd placement of a tiger.  Trust me, there are no big cats living in my studio.  You might be interested to note that I’ve actually seen 3 bobcats and 1 jaguar just outside my studio door in the nearly 4 years I’ve lived here.  The jag is extremely rare, barely seen in this part of its range.  Pure luck to spot him.

Here’s a much more revealing aerial.

An AI tiger and a simple pose.

Sauvie Island has a clothing optional beach.  It’s near Portland, OR.  My model was shown in a bikini I added in Photoshop. Here’s the original shot.

Here is the shot without the edited in bikini.

Finally, Raven was featured in a boudoir/lingerie shot.  Let’s pick another shot from that session and close with that for Instagram Exposed #9.

Here’s an open pose for Raven.