I’ve done a whole series of blogs on Instagram Uncensored.  Instagram Exposed is similar.  The main difference, is that with Uncensored I took photos that were clearly nude, but had censor marks, and showed them without those marks.  Now, with Exposed, I am showing photos with the same models as the clothed photos, but many of these will be nude shots.

Topless is a nice look for this anonymous, retired, model.

For example, I just recently posted a photo with Camille in 3 poses sitting on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  In addition to the Salt Flats shoot, I took shots of Camille in a boudoir setting.  She enjoyed posing nude, and thought our clothed session in the desert left the work half finished.  I suspect you’ll agree with her.

Camille gladly gave a very wide range of poses in the boudoir shoot.


I also posted a shot of a model in Death Valley wearing sheer lingerie/body suit.  We shot several times in the studio, so I have no problem finding work that exposes her talents.  I’ve chosen one where she’s still in some black lace tights, but the top is improved well beyond Instagram’s level.



Astrid was hanging in the silks in a recent post.  I’ll stick with the silks, but lets move them so more of Astrid is in view.

Steph has quite the figure and is experienced posing.

Steph was featured in a somewhat see through wet dress.  Let’s get the dress off and show a better view of a lovely figure model.  I shot the picture with the cactus by the blue wall last summer.  Amazing how less than a year later that cactus is so much taller.

Marie was holding a stick aloft as she gazed toward the sunset.  Let’s turn her around for a shot here.



Finally, our wildflower model was previously shot among garden blooms.   This was a private area, so the photos there were more revealing.  And, that’s the wrap up of the first episode of Instagram Exposed.

Let’s trade the wildflowers for Centranthus ruber, and let’s leave the overalls out of the equation this time.

Marie in the desert facing forward this time.

Astrid in a pose with the silks that is flattering and clear.