I like this shot of her ample assets with the dark shadows and intense color on the pool.

K. is popular on Instagram, and posts a range of images.  Occasionally, there will be an image that will “break the Internet” or really catch fire.   These photos are examples of material that K. and I shot in Tucson.  I created Instagram fire with K.

None of these shots are fully revealing, but they are sexy and hot. I provided quite a range of wardrobe for this shoot, including a short cropped shirt, a sheer shirt for a wet look, bikini and more.  She brought items as well, such as the black and white hat and matching bikini. We had no shortage of options for our photographs.  While the wet shirt may be a classic, remember it is a classic for good reason.  Wow.  And the light reflecting off the wall of the pool was fabulous.

The short cropped shirt gives the popular underboob genre.  I got the shirt wondering how she might feel about it, and learned the feeling was ENTHUSIASTIC!  So the shots were fabulous.  Her poses flaming hot.

If you like a wet shirt, how about a photo where we get the shirt wet using white wine?   The sweet nectar of Riesling drips from K. as she pours the wine to the appointed locations.  Definitely Instagram fire with K.

Of course nothing is as appealing as wearing nothing.  She was able to do that but still be Instagram friendly by turning sideways or covering herself.  Just a smattering of the images we got, but they make it clear that there is plenty of Instagram fire with K.

Here K. poses among beautiful rocks atop Mt. Lemmon. Fire will consume this post if she decides to use it.

Very hot as she pours chilled white wine on her breasts.

This will no doubt get a flamethrower’s worth of fire emoji’s since it is such a hot image.


This wet shirt makes a statement as K. pulls herself out of the pool.