A sexy boudoir shot. AliceMarz

I get frequent requests to post my Instagram photos on a site that does not require censorship.  The censoring on Instagram wrecks or at least diminishes many photographs. As a result, I offer you the first of several posts, Instagram Uncensored #1.

My first post to get more than 1000 likes. Anonymous model, retired.

I can’t put too many photos in one blog, or the loading time and manageability get lost.  So, I will simply choose some top favorite photos for this first post.  Some of these photos got well over 1000 likes on Instagram.  See if you like them, too.

Prickly Peach may be a stage name, but she’s a sweetie.

Jessaraymuse has quite the following and photos of her are consistently appreciated.

The very title of this post, Instagram Uncensored #1, makes it pretty clear that it will be followed by other similar posts.  I think these will be monthly, but I might go faster with 2 or 3 to catch up on some top favorite photos.  Be sure to subscribe to my Instagram feed @toweralan.  Not everything will make it to these blogs, and the photos appear on Instagram first.  Your opinion helps select which photos I present here.  Enjoy!

Jewel is just that. A superb model.

Ziva Fey poses without reservation. A shoot is very productive.