It’s time for another round of uncovered Instagram shots, Instagram Uncensored #2.  I’ve done these in response to many requests to see my photos in their original form.

This shot of Steph was also popular. Here she wandered right into view. Got to supervise sometimes, lol.

This pose is a bold one that fits the bold personality of this model.

Photos look less sensationalized and more down to earth when nudity is just nudity.  It makes it seem there is something to  hide when the Instagram guidelines rule.

Bodies are pretty much all alike, but admittedly some may be more fit, more trim, or have a pretty face.  I’m lucky.  I get asked to shoot some really great models who offer many assets to the camera.

A super popular photo of Steph, made better this way.




A surprisingly important asset is experience.  Posing is a skill.  An accomplished model comes up with poses that are perfect for her personality.  While one person may see a pose as crude, another person sees the same thing as bold.  It fits.  I give pointers and direction during a shoot, but I also give the model a lot of freedom.  Models generally know what poses look good for them.



So, let’s uncover some shots for you as you enjoy Instagram Uncensored #2.

A favorite here was also a favorite with Instagram visitors. Here’s the uncensored shot of our anonymous redhead.

Kay’s ball balancing shot was a hit. Here’s the real shot.

This former model from Seattle carried the day with this shot.