Instagram Uncensored #3 continues my series of blogs that allow viewers to see photos not marred by censorship.  Since I don’t find nudity at all offensive, I think these are less “suggestive” than the censored versions that seem to imply there’s something dirty that should be covered up.  Anyway, you’ll enjoy these shots in their original form.

Beautiful early morning light.

Ziva is a popular model in my Instagram feed.  I had a particular request to include this recent post in the blog.  I can count on a lot of likes from many posts of Ziva.  She’s confident and knows a lot of poses that are popular.

Ziva rocks a high key image.


Marie (see previous blog) is truly great.  Pictures just flowed one after another as she posed and posed.  Marie’s very inspired and very talented, and provides both fun and artistic content. That  recent  blog  uncensored  most  of  my  recent  posts,  so  be  sure  to  see  it  for  more  of  Marie.  She was great in the studio and outdoors.

Jewels with a Queen palm.











Another super popular model lately is Violet.  She also has her own blog, but I’ll include a recent shot that captures the summer spirit poolside.

Always a favorite, Jewels completes our post with a shot of her with a Queen palm.  Royal indeed.  That’s a wrap for Instagram Uncensored #3.

A bit darker than my typical style, but Marie is posed so nicely.

Violet takes in some sun poolside