Britta’s voluptuous figure in the studio.

I love the original form of my photographs.  I am never tempted to frame an Instagram censored shot and put it on my wall.  The art is diminished by censoring.  The censored photo has distracting elements.  Nothing is gained by the “community standards” except lower quality work.  The photos look more suggestive and crude with the censoring than without.  So, without further ado, here’s Instagram Uncensored #4.

Three censor marks made this look more suggestive than it actually is.

You requested it, now here it is!

Steph looks great out by my little palms and Aloe ‘Hercules’.  This photo was taken about a year ago, and ‘Hercules’ is now taller than me.  An Instagram follower requested the original, and I’m happy to oblige.

Let’s wrap up Instagram Uncensored #4 with 2 shots from over a year ago that were recently posted on my Instagram.   One is Chelsea in a yoga-like shot, and the other shows a model who’ll be unnamed in front of my old barn.

Chelsea is a very fit model, so poses like this are easy for her

In front of a very old barn.