A whimsical creation with a popular model.

Another popular model in a classic garden shot.

Instagram Uncensored #5 is like the previous editions, showing photographs in their original, more artistic form.  The distracting censorship markings really just make the model look strange, and never add to the artistic value of an image.  Included in this set of photographs is a photo of my favorite redhead (anonymous) model.  This photo got over 280 likes, and as such was your favorite of the past several months.  The same model was the first I had go over 1000 likes on a single image.  When the numbers get above 100, I think the algorithm stars have to align just so.  I don’t pay to boost my shots.

She turned down fame, but I was lucky enough to shoot with her several times in varied locations.

Not only did this photo get 291 likes, it also brought an immediate 25 new followers.

One of my early models was also first to travel with me, joining me in Tucson.  The shot here of her on the rock table was in my old home.  I don’t mention her name, since she retired, not wanting to gain fame by modeling.  She was offered the cover/centerfold of Playboy, and it is pretty easy to see why.  I think you’ll like the uncensored version of the photo better than the Instagram shot.

Pepper is shown photographed with peppers, of course.  She has what she calls “Balls to the walls” philosophy of modeling.  This Pepper portrait is no exception, and has a spot in Instagram Uncensored #5.

A shoot in New Mexico introduced me to Noelle.  She provided a very wide range of shots, including one that’s rather classic for boudoir.

Pepper poses with peppers. Classic.

A classic boudoir shot