It’s time for another installment, Instagram Uncensored #6.  People enjoy seeing my photos in their original form.  The Instagram censorship sort of mangles the images so they look a bit better in the original.

A bit of fantasy with Ayeonna. Enter the dream.

This installment includes some real classics.  Helen and I did a shoot in an airbnb that had a super cool window.  I think you’ll enjoy her comfort level with a revealing pose.  She had a great sense of humor, too.  I no longer see her on Model/Photographer websites, so like many before her, she’s flown the coop.  Makes this classic shot even better.  To navigate the blog, be sure to view photos on as large a screen as possible.  Clicking on a photo presents a bigger imaged.  Click again, then the image is bigger still.

The architect put a giant circle window in his house. I put Helen in the window.

Once in a while, I like to use some imagination in my photos instead of simple realism.  I think the boudoir shot of Ayeonna gives a dreamlike quality to the shot.

A crane like pose, elegant and refined.

I’m excited that I’ve got another shoot coming before too long with my redhead model who remains anonymous.  She’s not modeling for others, so I keep a low profile with her identity .  The poolside shot holding her toe was taken when I was touring Tucson and deciding “this is the place” for my retirement.  Taken on a trip before I moved here. Before too long, I’ll get to shoot again with her.  This particular pose is one of my favorites from the pool session.

Kay’s gaze will penetrate steel.

Sun worshipping in the desert