Instagram Uncensored #7 continues the string of blogs showing you my uncensored work.  My goal is to create shots where the model is the star of the shot.  I’m not selling lingerie.  I don’t need to feature the latest from Victoria’s Secret or  the adult shop.  I think the body is best left to its own devices.

At 454 likes, this shot of Steph is another recent popular post.

Britta is engaging when she poses. A special talent.

Britta is a model who is a true alchemist in front of a lens.  She shows up looking fairly “normal”, but then takes her clothes off, strikes a pose, and is in full command of the image.  Not shy, not modest, that’s true.  But what really matters is not just a great figure, but her confidence and skill with expressions and poses.  Remember, clicking on the photos will enlarge them.  I highly recommend using a real screen instead of just a phone.  I process the photos I post using two, color calibrated monitors.  Expensive, but accurate and quite worthwhile.

The censored Jewels shot has 234 likes

Even censored, this got over 700 likes.


Lately, I guess I’ve made Instagram happy.  I am adding followers at a rapid clip.  Likes have been up, too.  Many are around 200 likes, some as high as 600.  Who knows the mind of the algorithm?  In the world of Instagram, I’m a minor figure, but the numbers I have are certainly going up. The shot of Plush with the saguaro has about 550 likes, and for reasons unknown to me, the photo of Jewels on the ball currently sits at 729.  There are many other photos of her that I prefer, so who am I to guess?  Check out the recent blog specifically on Jewels for more.

Thanks to those of you following my work on Instagram.  I have fun posting and reading your comments.  I hope enough people find my website to see the work in a cleaner form than on social media.  Better yet, see my work when printed using my full scale images and printed by a professional shop.   I use R&R Color Lab in Spokane, a very fine printer indeed with excellent service delivered to your door.

So, enjoy Instagram Uncensored #7.  Beautiful women captured in a moment of time.

Over 450 likes for this shot of Ziva.

The photo of Natalie sits at 277 likes at the time of this writing.

550 likes for this one. A nice desert composition and lovely model.