1577 likes for a shot framed by palm foliage.

Instagram uncensored #8 continues the series showing my original photographs without censorship.  I select shots to include based primarily on the number of likes they got in my Instagram feed.

Noelle led the pack this last couple of weeks with a shot that currently has 2,261 likes.  What makes this shot successful is how relaxed she is in a pose that’s quite revealing.  Like many art poses, her eyes are closed.  Sometimes they’re directed away in a fine art shot, but often, simply closed.

My roof isn’t covered, and neither is Adleeray.

California blonde on California beach. Winner.












Occasionally a back side shot will get lots of likes, but they are in their original form when posted on Instagram and don’t need to be unveiled here.  I’ll use one for the cover, since those need to be less revealing.

Charlotte remains quite popular, and this beach shot has 1162 likes.

Adleeray is a force of nature on Instagram.  Enormously popular there, and with over 1400 likes, popular on my feed as well.  She’s in my ramada.  I took the shot right before I installed the new roof, so blue skies overhead.


Ziva rides the sculpture showing her rodeo queen pose.  Yippee-ya-ohh!

Astrid is always graceful.  Here she’s pretty in pink with over 1100 likes.


Marie takes care of business as she enters the studio door.  You gave it over 1000 likes.

Finally, I had a request for the palm tree shot uncensored.  I’ll include it, though it did not make the top performer list. That rounds out Instagram Uncensored #8.

A bonus inclusion.


Astrid rules in pink.


Confidence is required for this pose, and Noelle has plenty.