Not a post, but tame enough for a cover shot.

Instagram Uncensored #9 continues the series showing my most popular Instagram posts in their original, uncensored form.  The photos are not marked with white paint, and they look much more natural.  And they’re your favorite shots.

This shot of Jewels was most popular recently with over 3500 likes.

A very popular shot, and certainly more so in the uncensored form.

Though I have not come close to the little video that now has 1,194,641 views and over 42,000  likes (see previous blog), another video is gaining some attention.  Sara Gramm has gotten over 2000 likes and is up over 10,000 views.  It is holiday themed, and perhaps will continue to grow.  The hat falling off?  Pure serendipity.

Ziva in an artsy pose among lights.

A number of popular posts have been from zgirlmodel, Zoe Vandolof.  I shot with her the first time this month, and her shots were generally popular.  In particular, a confident pose on top of my circle sculpture got lots of likes, 1760 today.

Zoe in the garden was well liked.

Alice strikes a different pose in the circle.

A new post of the always popular Jewels got the most likes of any shot since my last Instagram blog.  One of her shots got 3,525 likes.  Another classic model is Ziva Fey and one of her shots got 1062 likes. Likewise, pun intended, Alice Marz took home 1015 likes.

If you like the Instagram posts, I think you’ll almost always prefer my uncensored blogs, and this one is Uncensored #9.