This snarling expression is uniquely her own.

Jamie is not a shy model.  She has many contortions and poses in her bag of tricks.

Jamie Lee Bauern is fierce.  Her avatar shows her snarling like a tiger.  It’s a signature look.

I agree she’s fierce.  Jamie is a fierce worker.  I hired her for a morning shoot at an airbnb in Seattle.  I offered for her and Doug to stay in the airbnb the night before, making the morning shoot much more convenient.  They accepted the hosting offer.

But, I said she’s a fierce worker.  She did not arrive at the bnb to sleep until roughly midnight.  She had just finished her last shoot of the day, which was her 4th one that day.  There is no doubt about her willingness to work.  She was up, had her hair done (that’s a job with that big, lovely mane) and makeup in place by 8 am.  That’s the mark of a true professional is that they are ready to roll on time.

Jamie posed quickly and effortlessly.  She knows hundreds of distinct poses, and no matter what I gave her to use for posing, she adapted to it immediately.   She loved shooting in the staircase.  I got a very surrealistic photo of just her legs and bottom.  Jamie climbed up the wall, ducked onto the window ledge, and voile la, a photo was created when I shot straight up at the ceiling.

Jamie poses with a chain on a downspout.

This is a surreal image made possible by her scrambling and balance and climbing skills. Looking up at the ceiling in a staircase with a window.

I got 10 different poses before I stopped using the table for posing. I show 3 to give some idea of her versatility.

Jamie Lee Bauern poses so much that her “yoga” is effectively posing for hours a day.  She’s on her toes (literally) and holding still in the most contorted shapes.

Jamie is not demanding when it comes to the food served and such.  She may have the face of a diva, but not the personality of one.

Next month, I hope to shoot with Jamie again, this time in the remote desert.  For now, the shots in Seattle will have to fill the bill.  Thanks, Jamie.