Kailey looks so hot in my tuxedo shirt. I think it now belongs to her though it hangs in my closet.

Kailey Wilson could be famous.  She could be.  But, she chooses to live a responsible life helping others in the nursing field.  She chooses to be a great mom.  She chooses to be a great wife.

She completes this red teddy very nicely, does she not? and that hair is perfect, the jawline perfect, the….Kailey could be famous.

Kailey has all the chops to be a supermodel, a star.   She’s drop dead gorgeous.   She has a perfect figure.  And, Kailey is talented. Therefore, we can expect greatness.  We get greatness, whether or not Kailey is a household name in Muncie.

This is easily of quality of any model in the world, Kailey. Thank you for your grace and letting me photograph you.

Kailey was born in Seattle, WA.  She has modeled since age 17 (she’s 25) but she took off 4 years when her son was born.  So that’s 4 years of experience.  Of the shots in this blog, likely the nudes will capture most attention.  Her body is fabulous, so why not?  But she did not do her first nude shoot until June of 2018, and that was a somewhat tame one with just outlines showing (bodyscape).  “I realized I was super comfortable being in front of the camera, and I haven’t stopped since.”

I describe Kailey as a force of nature. Here a pose combines with an incendiary expression.

Unlike other models I’ve shot nudes with, Kailey is quite selective about which photographers she will schedule for these.  There is some wisdom there, aspiring models.   And, aspiring models have figured out that Kailey is a person to come to for wisdom.  Kailey teaches modeling, and if you want a great teacher, by all means try her.  Kailey is expert at posing, and expert at conveying emotion.  So expert, that unlike other models I shoot, I have to take a break and breathe. The intensity of her poses and the sheer beauty stops me for a few minutes so I can compose and be able to compose.

Here she’s on the rock bench in a covered pose.

Since this blog is written just a bit before Christmas, I will include a few shots from that theme.  We shot and shot and shot.  She and I decided on fun rituals and traditions for our shoots.  Kailey and I made more plans for future shoots, so we had more  work to do after the shoot than before.  We have a shoot coming still in 2018 and then in early January we are going to travel to Tucson to the desert and shoot there.  So you are not finished seeing work from this friendship.  I have shoots with other models, but if I never got to shoot again, I would be content and say I got to shoot with Kailey Wilson.  After all, Kailey Wilson could be famous.  Follow her on Instagram @kaileyserene and follow me on Instagram, since I have so many shots to share you will be glad you did Kailey fans  @toweralan

Another stunning pose, Kailey is simply spectacular. Easily ready for fame with the assets and personal style she has mastered.