An intense look and a slight tip of the jawline. This gives a hint of the fire.

I have hundreds of amazing  photos of Kailey.  So why a blog on Kailey Wilson posing with roses?  These were the first photos I ever took with Kailey.  She arrived for the shoot, I gave her some things that were going to be used later in the shoot.  The candid opening the gift caught that event just like any family snapshot.  Then we got to work.  I added roses and baby’s breath to my tree.  I handed her 3 roses.  What she did with them, should be required viewing for any beginning model.

Eyes close and the face relaxes into an angelic pose.

First, Kailey arrived on time with absolutely pristine makeup.  Subtle enough, but very professional contouring and eyes.  Her eyebrows are a natural feature as is her jawline.   Admittedly, Kailey does not have to work all that hard to be beautiful.  She is.  And that really helps if you are hoping to be successful as a model.  Eyelashes are applied perfectly.  The camera can come in tight and nothing amiss is exposed.

The pink dress was perfect for the pink roses shot.  Kailey brought a variety of outfits so we could have chosen another, but the dress was the one.  Models should know there is another reason Kailey chose that dress.  She knew we were shooting nudes in the session.   She wore a loose dress and nothing beneath it so when it came off there would not be any dents in her skin from tight undergarments.  That level of detail and consideration for the photographer is really appreciated.  I can remove dents in Photoshop, and I do it pretty often.  But how much easier to have a superb model think in advance?

The profile shot in the series. Note how she changed the rose position to match her directionality. I almost never needed to direct a pose with Kailey.

All the photos in this blog were taken in the first TWO MINUTES of a nearly 6 hour shoot.  I had more fun with Kailey and felt we got more shots than I have ever gotten, and that’s saying something.  I get to work with some really fabulous professional models.  The camera records the exact time the photo is taken.  In two minutes, I had 28 photos of Kailey with the roses.  I take a couple of shots with each pose to assure focus locks exactly and I have the best expression.  These were so minimally retouched, that you are basically seeing the photos right out of camera.  Kailey’s skin borders on flawless.

I told her a funny story about 1971. My buddy and I went shopping at Neiman Marcus at Christmas.  “Hey, come check out this manikin”.  I stood just inches from it, and studied it intensely.  I told him to look how much more beautiful this manikin was than any other one in any store.  How did they get one with such gorgeous eyes and face?  She’s just perfect.  On and on I went in front to this completely motionless manikin.  And then she smiled.   I turned the brightest red I’m capable of, though I don’t really blush.  I was just floored.  That’s the other time in my life I saw a face like Kailey’s.

Another eyes forward shot, but note the change in hand position.

This look of appreciation would warm the heart of the giver.

For the photos themselves, please note in particular the hand positions, head angles, and of course, the eyes.  She gives such different emotion and impact with each variation.  Kailey can look at the camera, and the viewer feels her look at them.  No one could be further from the confused, deer in the headlights look of a newbie model.

Each pose, each look, is intentional.  She closes her eyes, and her face relaxes into angelic peace.  A slight tip of the jaw, an intense look at the camera, and the sexy inner devil shows just a hair in these opening shots.  She gave me one profile shot, but the aspiring model should note that most of the poses, all different, really require very little movement.  Note that she changed hand positions just as she changed facial expression.  If you are just learning, it will be hard to make all those changes at once.  It takes practice.  Perhaps it takes a natural gift.  See more of the gift on Instagram kaileyserene.

I know this much.  Kailey is a natural.  The friendship I established with her in this shoot was a gift.  Thank you, Kailey.

Then she dropped the roses and away we went. The fire engines should have showed up. More blogs will follow.