The first look was marked by much emotion. A beautiful experience.

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding for Lonnie and Sharon on 9/22/18.  The venue for the wedding was quite familiar to me.  They got married on the grounds of Tower Perennial Gardens.  Lonnie and Sharon did much of the site preparation working side by side.  

The wedding party was helpful and eager for the wedding and ready for the party.

Lonnie and Sharon not only brought themselves into the union, but also their children and grandchildren are now one grand family.  Watching them work together, play together, and celebrate together, they look like they will all enjoy this upsized family.

A kiss under the arbor on wedding day.

The officiant who married Lonnie and Sharon was also familiar to me.  Chuck Morrison, MD was one of the family practice doctors at Group Health during my 20 years there. Whereas I have retired entirely from practice, Chuck still does a few sessions of patient care with regularity.  As officiant, he performed his duties well.   

As their photographer, I’ve only spent a few hours with the couple, but Lonnie and Sharon were always helpful and considerate of each other, kind and thoughtful.   That much comes across consistently, whether getting engagement photos, working in the field, or dealing with the inevitable stresses of wedding day organization and details.   The young children in the wedding party were so cooperative I might have thought the Dr.(Chuck) and nurse (Sharon) had conspired to tranquilize them, but the psychologist (me) saw no signs of drug use, so I think they were just marvelously well behaved.  The  nanny with her hilarious faces and squeaky toys was a hoot…there is a reason the baby looked at the camera, and it was not her interest in a career behind the lens.

Wedding vows were exchanged in the heart of the ceremony.

Albeit brief, the ceremony was lovely.   Sharon was given away by her father, and accompanied by bridesmaids in pink and burgundy.   The weather cooperated and the wind and rain stayed away, making it a perfect day in all respects.  Congratulations, Lonnie and Sharon!

Here Lonnie and Sharon are in the garden on wedding day.

It’s Official. Mr. and Mrs.